S P O O N E R F i N E A R T


"My art is not about any one approach but is more about pushing and experimenting with various elements and techniques. The discoveries  I make along the way are what enable me to grow as a painter and fuel my desire to become a better artist.

This past few years have been exceptional for my artistic growth.

I look forward to the next few years hoping to continue the evolution."

"Spirit of the Fields" 30x36

"One Enchanted Evening"                       24x38                           8K

Online Studio Art Resource

"Denver Streets 1905" 28x44

"OPEN RESOURCE” allows for greater buying flexibility and access for everyone.

My studio is located in Denver, Colorado where I have no local gallery representation.

So I am free to work with galleries, designers and/or collectors directly.

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Visit my studio and lets put beautiful art in your world.

Just Around the Bend          49x41