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FIVE POINTS 1885                30K

Five Points  1885                                             66x74

This is captures the downtown area of  Five Points looking North from 20th and Tremont.  The building in the upper left quadrant is the Jarvis school which burned down in the early 1900's.

Blue Jazz                                 21K

Blue Jazz                                                        60x60

This Large piece radiates with horizontal bands of blues, blacks creams and whites. It is one piece  from my Color Field collection.

see more example on my website here!

Crocker Bank                     17.5K


Crocker Bank Building                                     49x61

This historic representation of the Crocker Bank building resides in San Fransisco. It currently used as the Wells Fargo,

San francisco main branch. Painted to look like an old post card, its warm grays and red oxide tones would make it a beautiful addition to your home or office.

Denver 1910                         7.5K

Denver 1910                                                 36x36

Beautiful tonal piece using Prussian Blues. There is a companion piece hanging in the Colorado Governors Mansion. Framed with a one inch silver trim. The cross streets are near Curtis and 16th.

Hay Harvest                             5K

Hay Harvest                                                  30x30

This familiar scene embraces the heartland fields and farms across America in the 1930's. Bright, illuminating colors of golds, yellows and browns make up this late afternoon scene.

Utah Vistas                             12K

Utah Vistas                                                  48x48

Truly a contemporary interpretation. Soft color transitions. Soft blues and creams make up the sky while rust, pinks and purples gather to create the landscape.

Sea Foam                                12K

Sea Foam                                                   48x48

Another contemporary interpretation. Vertical striations make up this seaside view.  Blues and creams here create the visual sounds of the sea, shore and foam

Sunset Sentinel                       22K

Sunset Sentinel                                               60x60

Denver's skyline continues to reach higher toward the sky. This piece was painted from one the the newest building on Spear Blvd. Framed with large gray moulding hand made by me in my studio.

Wentworth Hotel                  6.5K

Wentworth Hotel                                           27x44

As Denver progressive re-development sweeps a new horizon across the landscape, the Wentworth hotel is a victim of that progress. However the image makes for a beautiful piece that in itself shows the modern hotel intersecting with the then rural homes around Denver.

Vibrato                                   18K

Vibrato                                                          49x67

Colorfield! That is the name I have assigned to my body of works that visually expand over the given format. These works make a beautiful color statement and add a contemporary flare to one's home or office.  This piece is framed with a Gold edge.

Troubled Waters                    16K

Troubled Waters                                              57x49

This beautiful piece depicts a flowing stream and is expressed with a multitude of colors and texture.  The combination of gesso and venetian plasters used as a surface has lent itself well to this modern piece.

Zion Slot Canyon                   8.5K

Zion Slot Canyon                                             38x38

Utah with its many colors or rust, oranges and bright skys have been ignored here to give way to a graphic interpretation of the many layers and depths of endless canyons. The multilayering of transparent grays create this etherial expression.

Utes At Ignacio                    18K

Utes at Ignacio                                               49x61

From Southern Colorado the Ute tribes still live on the land. This piece represents Ute indians who have come into the town of Ignacio to trade. It is based upon an image obtained from the Colorado Historical Society.

Wheat Fields                          18K

Wheat Fields                                                  49x62

This warm Colorfield piece is expressed with vertical striations of grays, tones of purple and bright cadium yellow.

From My Colorfield Series

Zion Slot Canyon
Crocker Bank Building
Denver 1910
Hay Harvest
Sunset Sentinel
Wentworth Hotel
Wheat Fields
Blue Jazz
Utah Vistas
Sea Foam
Denver 1910
Five Points 1885
Zion Slot Canyon

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