S P O O N E R F i N E A R T




Reserve your spot for 15 bucks...  

Suggested Supply List for Robert Spooner’s Workshop:

Something to take notes on …

Portable easel such as a pochade box or some form of plein air rig.

Gamblin’s Gamsol odorless Mineral Spirits ONLY

(small can)… Nothing from Home Depot..

Oil paints - Colors Suggested…… DON'T GO OUT and buy anything you dont use on a regular basis...

Small portable tubes, generally any brand. WN, Georgian, Van Gogh,

Rembrandts or other.

Alizarin Crimson

Cad Yellow

Lemon Yellow

Yellow Ochre

Cad Orange

Cad Red

Sap Green


Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue (hue is fine)

Cerulean Blue

Transparent Red Oxide

Indian Red

Burnt Umber

Titanium White


I use Sables or synthetic sables

I rarely use Bristle brushes

Suggestion…Princeton Series 6000FB

are good Inexpensive brushes that may be found at Meininger's or Jerrys.

Filberts or long flats

Sizes about 2, 4, 6, 8


Small canvas boards or canvas panels… About 4-6

I paint on gessoed MDF (quarter inch) which can be found at Home Depot and they will cut it up into small workable formats. Standard or square sizes for this Workshop. Bring four or five.

Paper towels or rags.

Cameras are welcome….

General Workshop objectives.

My workshops are about building skill sets. Weather you're a figurative, plein air, still life, or landscape painter, you have to have a visual vocabulary, a foundation if you much on how to take a painting from concept to completion.

I start with a lecture and demonstration on the Friday morning, where I take the class thru concepts of color, shape and value to point-to-point relationship drawing. This lecture provides a vocabulary for which the class is on the same playing field for the remainder of the workshop. The remainder of Friday will be spend on small painting projects, developing this concepts.

SATURDAY: we begin with these principles and apply them a class participation painting then...

HERE is where the workshop takes a turn... YOU will be working to explore your visual possibilities. WHAT.. thats right, I be encouraging you to take standard imagery and push it beyond traditional approaches.

REMEMBER... this is not about how I paint

but about YOUR potential as an artist.

Students are encouraged to critique one another's pieces during this time.

Class begins  Friday at 11am bring snacks and will finish around 4pm. Day two (Saturday) start at 9am with a one hour lunch break and will conclude around 4-4:30.

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Reserve your spot for Just 15 bucks..  Workshop size is only 7 students.

Workshop will be held only if filled by 28th.  

Balance of $150 due first day of class...

10 bucks returned If  Workshop Cancelled...